Vitruvian Sound is the project name for freelance audio production services offered by Kerrick Michael and his associates.

Mastering. Sound Design. Film Scoring. Voiceover. ADR. Engineering. Producing. Mixing. Using Sacred Geometry to Develop Professional Recording in the Modern Era.


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Vitruvian Sound offers a unique and comprehensive freelance recording service at prices that are comparable but often more affordable than other conventionally fixed site studios.

Services in the studio itself include primarily post production work - mastering, sound design, film scoring - but also can handle for some small tracking situations in an acoustically treated environment. 
This can include voice over work as well as overdubs with our unique mic selection. Perfect for audiobook recording or streaming podcasts or intimate recording at a show or for your independent radio show!


The concept for this studio came from two major influences: Ronnie Lane's Mobile Studio (the LMS) from the 1970s and Leonardo Da Vinci's masterpiece "The Vitruvian Man" based on the work from Roman architect Vitruvius. 

The studio will be acoustically designed and based sonically around the Phi ratio used in ancient Roman and Greek architecture. The Parthenon in particular, which lives in Nashville as a fantastic replica, is a great example of this meticulous use of Phi in creating an incredible masterpiece. Besides the aesthetics of Phi, there are incredible musical implications which are manifested when the Phi ratio is used in acoustical design. This is because all music is waveform energy that will either be absorbed or reflected based on the size and materials in a certain room. Vitruvian Sound will be designed with a goal of the truest harmonic perfection possible. When all is said and done, I believe the room will have a truly one-of-a-kind sound that would be virtually impossible without these sacred geometric ratios. Anyone with an interest in sound will be intrigued by this undertaking and are welcome to take part in its manifestation!  

Just as it was with Ronnie Lane's mobile studio in 1972, I plan to bring professional recording and post production work wherever it is called. While a traditional Airstream trailer, as Ronnie Lane had, would really incorporate the aesthetics that we wish to produce, we are in the planning stages of creating a truly original Tiny House Studio which will be fully soundproofed and acoustically designed to create a rustic-modern integration in line with world class analog and digital gear.

However it is what we will be able to do outside of the trailer that will make our services revolutionary. With our system, we are planning to initially have at least 400ft of distance from our studio to the source.

This means you will be able to record in that old church you've had your "ear" on, in that abandoned warehouse you love, or just your favorite practice space where you have all your gear exactly where you want it - or virtually any other indoor OR outdoor facility that we can manage. Basically, we want to be able to come to YOU where the magic is with the ability to professionally capture whatever you want and not force you to recreate it in a new environment that may not produce the right vibe or atmosphere for your project. Then the VS Mobile Studio will just act as the control room while the world is your tracking room.

Lastly, if you have been wanting to get a demo done in a full studio, then just let us know and we will work out a deal based on our connections in Nashville and hopefully in many other cities very soon.