Before jumping right into a project or session, I require some form of a consultation with you to better understand what we will be trying to accomplish. We can also do Skype sessions for long distance consultation. The main points for consultation include concepts like:

- Getting a general feel of what you want

- Getting a clear understanding of price and time to complete project

- Laying out a general overview of my services for your specific project

- Working with you from the start so you are most satisfied when it comes time to review :)

Along with the consultation, there will be a $50 deposit needed to confirm a session in the books. However, this deposit will be calculated into your TOTAL price for our services at the end of the project's completion. That means if you end up with a total of $200 - That means you will only owe an extra $150 on top of what you gave for your deposit! 

For short projects that are needed DAY OF - You will just pay the deposit ($50) and then we will discuss the rest. For the specifics of pricing, please consult Production Services or our other tabs.

One helpful rule for consultation: The more information you can give me about your project, the easier it will be for me to make your goals a reality :) When people say, "Just master it like Bon Jovi," that could mean a lot of different things, Bon Jovi when??? Are we just talking Living on a Prayer or some song you know from 2010? I don't know YOUR Bon Jovi... however, if you just want a vibe or maybe the vintage feel that's similar to an artist, album, or song - say that! That's immensely more helpful than just saying, "I want it to be like the Beatles!" (smacks hand on face).... Again, help me help you - EVERY session Vitruvian Sound does has some elements that are different from the last so DON'T BE AFRAID of asking to do something differently - because most likely we will be happy to work with you to make it happen :)