Mastering Services

Maybe you are tired of showing your friends your song and all they can say is, "I wish it was louder, I turned to the radio after listening to it and nearly broke my speakers!" Well, I will be the first to say louder is NOT's all about HOW you get to "louder" and that is the art of mastering in the modern world. Getting it loud enough to compete with commercial products, but also dynamic enough to keep the integrity of the music intact.

Mastering services include both traditional 2track mastering and up to *4 stereo stem tracks for stem mastering. With professional grade precision plug ins, world class conversion and analog summing in our acoustically treated studio, Vitruvian Sound offers a unique but quality mastering experience for those who cannot afford Bob Ludwig or the likes but need to improve their end product . As always, money back is guaranteed! 

Song rate is $100.

Hourly rate is $50.

EP/Demo rate is $300.

Album rate is $500.

*stem mastering includes variable costs based on work needed before 2track mastering 

Engineer Services

 Includes full engineer services for any analog or digital audio production project such as voice over, audiobook recording, ADR/Foley, full band tracking, solo/individual tracking, field recording, and many more! Full service includes everything from tracking to editing and pre-mix setup.

Hour rate is $25/hr.

Song rate is $100/song.

EP/Demo rate (less than 7 days or less than 6 songs) is $200.

Album rate (1 week+ or 6+ songs) is $400.

*2 session limit per song for EP/Demo and Album rates (tracking+overdub). 

Producer/Engineer Services

This includes services as an engineer for either a song or album with an optional bonus of overseeing the macro creative aspects which a producer would usually be in charge of. This can include structure, vibe, market aim, or any other aspects requested for either a song or album.

Hour rate is $40/hr.

Song rate is $150/song.

EP/Demo rate (less than 7 days or less than 6 songs) is $300.

Album rate (1 week/6+ songs) is $500.

Mix/Premaster Services

This is everything from your completely tracked mix to the last stage before you send it to a mastering engineer. Most mastering engineers prefer you to have brought them a pre-master rather than just a mix that sounds great on your speakers. Our Mix/Premaster Service will provide translation across multiple listening platforms. This is also a GREAT package if you are looking for a finished product that's past a general mix, but not quite at the Professionally Mastered level. 

Hourly rate is $40/hr. 

Song rate is $100 per song. 

Day rate includes an 8 hour day for $200 ($25/hr).