Film Audio

Film Scoring & Sound Design

Vitruvian Sound is offers Film Audio solutions for feature or short films, documentaries, podcasts, and other areas of video needing professional audio work.

I have composed and mixed music for multiple student films at Belmont University and UGA ranging from Drama, "Rom-Com," Sci-Fi/Horror, and Comedy. He has also scored a master thesis film for a graduate student at Emerson in Boston, and a professional action short for champion boxer Victor Marx. This is my true passion and what I believe I was made to do.

Here is one film I worked on called PRINTER - a film by Manny Lagos.

Click  here  to check out some original compositions I have made.

Sound Design & Film Scoring are two of our major services (along with Mastering) that really helps us to stand out among the countless other freelance engineer/producers in Nashville. While there is not (yet) a huge professional film market in Nashville, Vitruvian Sound likes to think outside of the box and bring a creative edge to any video situation needing professional audio. 

Check out this SHORT FILM called "Expectations" that we produced the music for in May of 2014. To purchase the soundtrack for this film, you can go HERE

While scoring is the main focus of Vitruvian Sound, we can do everything from ADR in our acoustically treated studio to foley work and sound design creation for animation. From our dozens of software instruments, to some insanely immersive digital modular engines - we will provide you and your film with the sound it deserves.

All Film Audio projects that we take on vary, so we do not hold a set price on these services. Please contact us and we will work with you to meet your budget :)

Film Audio Services Include:

• Film Score and Composition

• Production Design (consultation)


• Foley

• Sound Design

• Sound Editing

• Scoring

•Stem Mixing

• Re-record Mixing (Final Audio Mixing)