VS 24 Package

Our most economical and efficient package at Vitruvian Sound which works best for clients looking to get the most out of a single song. The VS 24 package includes everything from consultation and tracking to mastering and evaluation.

This process will need time in order to have both the time to work, but more importantly the time to NOT work....while a full 10 hours of mixing will take place, I will split this up into multiple sessions which will take place a week apart - this provides sufficient time for the song to become fresh again and will ultimately save time because there will be less going back and more pressing forward! 

While the set prices available here, this package is quite customizable and can be changed however you see fit. Perhaps you have your own mastering engineer in mind, or you want to be the one to mix your song- this will be what is covered in the initial consultation. So don't worry, we've got you covered :)

You are more than welcome at the mixing session and all other sessions accept the mastering one- it is important to have a certain level of solitude in order to focus in on the fine details of mastering, however if the final mastered track is undesirable, tweaks can of course be made! 

The following aspects are given in a single package rate:

Production Design (consultation)

Tracking (6hr session)

Overdub (6hr session)

Edit/Mix (6hrs.)

Master (6hrs.)

Song Evaluation (consultation)

(24hrs total session work)